vineri, 16 noiembrie 2012

Frank Zappa - Road Tapes, Venue #1 2012

Inregistrare a unui concert sustinut in august 1968 la Vancouver. Desi calitatea sunetului nu e cea mai buna, e de bagat musai urechea.


1 The Importance Of An Earnest Attempt (By Hand)
2 Help I’m A Rock – Transylvania Boogie
3 Flopsmash Musics
4 Hungry Freaks, Daddy
5 The Orange County Lumber Truck
6 The Rewards Of A Career In Music
7 Trouble Every Day
8 Shortly Suite Exists Of Holiday In Berlin Full Blown
9 Pound For A Brown
10 Sleeping In A Jar
11 Oh, In The Sky
12 Octandre
13 King Kong

Frank Zappa / vocals, guitar
Roy Estrada / bass, vocals
Don Preston / keyboards
Jimmy Carl Black / drums, vocals
Ian Underwood / winds, keyboards
Euclid James `Motorhead` Sherwood / winds
Bunk Gardner / winds