joi, 8 noiembrie 2012

Isis - Temporal 2012

Colectie de raritati si remix-uri lansata de trupa americana, care si-a incetat activitatea in 2010, dupa albumul live scos in primavara. De pus spre ascultare.


1 Threshold of Transformation (Demo)
2 Ghost Key (Alternate Demo Version)
3 Wills Dissolve (Alternate Demo Version)
4 Carry (Demo)
5 False Light (Demo)
6 Grey Divide (Demo)
7 Streetcleaner
8 Hand of Doom
9 Not in Rivers, But in Drops (MelvinsLustmord Remix)
10 Holy Tears (Thomas Dimuzio Remix)
11 Temporal
12 Way Through Woven Branches
13 Pliable Foe
14 20 Minutes 40 Years (Acoustic Version)

Aaron Turner / guitar, vocals 
Bryant Clifford Meyer / electronics, keyboards, guitar, vocals
Michael Gallagher / guitar
Jeff Caxide / bass
Aaron Harris / drums

The Savage Rose - Love And Freedom 2012

Primul meu contact cu aceasta trupa daneza, care are in spate peste 20 de albume, primul scos in 1968. Trebuie musai sa bag urechea si la cele din urma, asta e fain de tot, iar vocea solistei m-a dat pe spate. Unul dintre cel mai bune albume din acest an pentru mine, de ascultat neaparat.


1 Voice Of Revolution
2 No More Love To Give
3 Freedom To Love
4 You Made Me Stay
5 Soldier On The Run
6 Traveling Child
7 The Messenger
8 Heartbeat Of Love
9 There’s A Lovesong

Annisette / vocals
Rune Kjeldsen / guitar
Jakob Falgren / bass
Palle Hjort /keyboards
Rasmus Kjærsgaard / saxophone
Frank Hasselstrøm / trumpet, trombone
Anders Holm / drums
Jarno Varsted/ harmonica