vineri, 28 septembrie 2012

Tin Hat - The Rain Is a Handsome Animal 2012

Trupa americana, la al optulea album, in care o regasim pe Carla Kihlstedt, cunoscuta din Sleepytime Gorilla Museum sau The Book of Knots. De ascultat cu mainile sub cap.


1. A cloud on a leaf
2. The rain is a handsome animal
3. Sweet spring
4. If up's the word
5. Open his head
6. Unchanging
7. Buffalo bill
8. The enormous room
9. So shy shy shy
10. 2 little whos
11. Yes is a pleasant country
12. Grapefruit
13. Human rind
14. Anyone lived in a pretty how town
15. Diminutive
16. Little i
17. Now (more near ourselves than we)

Carla Kihlstedt / violin, viola, vocals
Ben Goldberg / clarinet
Mark Orton / guitar, piano
Rob Reich / accordion, piano

Bitcrush - Collapse 2012

Proiect al unui muzician american, Mike Cadoo, cunoscut pe scena electronic/ambient, la al şaselea material. Atmosfera care te prinde si te arunca in diferite stari, de ascultat musai.


1. The Weight (Of A Future Mutation) (10:39)
2. To Collapse Into (12:18)
3. To Collapse Out Of (05:50)
4. All At Once It Was Refused (09:33)
5. ...For A Void (11:06)